2005 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony Report – Hulk Hogan!

2005 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony Report

Location: Universal Amphitheatre in Hollywood, CA

Report by: Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

– The WWE 24/7 On Demand promo hit. Following this, a promo is shown of past WWE Hall of Famers previously inducted. Hulk Hogan then briefly discusses his career and how well it has treated him.


– The Hall of Fame promo runs and we are taken to the Universal Amphitheatre in Hollywood, California. The Coach introduces the inductees from earlier tonight: “Cowboy” Bob Orton, Nikolai Volkoff, Iron Sheik, Jimmy Hart and Paul Orndorff.

– Mean Gene Okerlund is introduced as the host for this evening. Okerlund welcomes the current WWE superstars in attendance and then introduces the next inductee: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. A video package runs narrated by Michael Cole talking about his early career in wrestling as a 15 year old and his days in the NWA. It then turned to his feud with Hulk Hogan around the time of WrestleMania 1. The famous Piper’s Pit segment was talked about showing the various guests he had. His movie career was also profiled, including the film “They Live.” Piper will be inducted after the break. Plus, Hulk Hogan will be inducted later tonight by Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone.


Mean Gene Okerlund introduces Ric Flair, who will be inducting Roddy Piper into the Hall of Fame tonight. Flair comes out to a chorus of “WOOOOOOOOOOOO’s” from the crowd and smiles from the various WWE superstars in attendance. Flair said tonight is a very rewarding night and inducting Piper tonight would be the most rewarding moment of his life. Flair said he asked Piper if he was nervous earlier tonight and Piper said he was more worried about getting past Steve Austin tomorrow night. A shot of Austin laughing in the crowd was shown. He said you don’t mess with Piper or Bobby Heenan (who was also shown). Flair said Piper was one of the most gifted entertainers in wrestling history. He mentioned that he saw a movie with Jim Carrey in it and said Carrey would have had to have been a Roddy Piper mark. Flair talked about a few more stories and said if called upon, Piper could put down any other wrestling promotion around. Flair then introduces the Hot Rod, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Up next is Piper’s speech.


Hall of Fame Induction: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

We are back. The Coach introduces Roddy Piper, who gets a “RODDY” chant from the crowd in attendance. Piper quickly asks if HBO is here tonight, then says “just kidding” geting a laugh from the crowd. He jokes he was just recently allowed back into Denny’s. Piper said when he started in professional wrestling, he was a skinny little kid who wore a kilt, played the bagpipes and lived on an Indian reservation. Piper said who else could he have been when he grew up. He said he was no Conan The Barbarian, only at 167 pounds – including pimples. Piper added he was a hell of a bagpipe player. He said his first match was the shortest match in the Winnipeg Arena – 10 seconds. Piper said it wasn’t about the $25…Canadian (which got laughs)… he made that night. It was about being initiated into a group of some of the finest men and ladies that took a skinny kid no questions asked and demanded 110%, accepting him into a family. Piper said to be here in the Hall of Fame is crazy. He said he has things in common with Sylvester Stallone and some things he doesn’t. Piper said he can’t act as good, but they both beat up Mr. T and Hulk Hogan. He said he was jealous of Hogan…but it had nothing to do with the hair. Piper said he would train hard and eat his vitamins just like Hogan said, adding he took some serious vitamins but never got the 24 inch pythons. He said he is very proud of all the guys behind him tonight. Piper said the WWF/WWE allowed him the notoriety and financial whereabouts to support his family. He introduced his wife of 22 years, daughter and son who were in the crowd tonight. Piper said he loves everyone and said come WrestleMania 21, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

STILL TO COME: Sylvester Stallone to induct Hulk Hogan.


We are back. Gene Okerlund said six down…one to go. Okerlund introduces a video package highlighting Hulk Hogan’s career. Shawn Michaels and John Cena reflect on his runs as WWF & WCW Champion. Vince McMahon said the term Hulkamania meant so many things to so many different people. Eric Bischoff said Hulkamania reflects some of the greatest moments in wrestling history. McMahon said Hogan has an aura about him that no one else can touch. Will Sasso of Mad TV fame said everyone knows who Hulk Hogan is. Bob Costas of HBO adds the same, bringing up how he was around when wrestling made that cross over to the mainstream. Bobby Heenan comments on how women in crowds would cry when he got hurt. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. said he made wrestling extremely entertaining. Hogan’s mainstream appeal was then shown on various television programs and films including Rocky 3. Triple H said no matter who comes along, there will never be another Hulk Hogan. Edge said he is the single reason why half the wrestlers in the WWE are doing what they do now. Vince McMahon said Hulk Hogan will always remain apart of World Wrestling Entertainment history.

UP NEXT: Sylvester Stallone inducts Hulk Hogan.


We are back. Gene Okerlund then introduces Sylvester Stallone. The crowd chants “ROCKY” as Stallone thanks them. Stallone said wrestling has been very good to him, bringing up that Terry Funk got him into it. He said they are extraordinary athletes. Stallone said he goes way back with Hogan, bringing up his part in Rocky 3 as Thunderlips. He said Hogan hit him so hard in the neck that he layed on the floor in pain. Stallone brought up how Hogan injured many stunt guys during the filming of the movie. He said he will always be indebted to Hulk Hogan. Stallone introduces the one and only Hulk Hogan. “Real American” hits and Hogan’s children are shown in the crowd. Hogan plays around with the crowd a bit as we go to a commercial break.


Hall of Fame Induction: Hulk Hogan

We are back. Hogan’s wife, son and daughter are all shown again. A loud “HOGAN” chant starts up. The crowd continues to cheer loudly for Hogan as he takes it all in. Hogan tries to talk but the crowd continues to give him a huge ovation. A shot of Triple H was shown clapping for Hogan. Hogan then turns around and hugs all of the Hall of Fame inductees from earlier tonight. Big Show is shown clapping for Hogan almost at tears it looked. The crowd is still on their feet clapping and we are almost 4 minutes into the segment. A “THANK YOU HOGAN” chant starts up. Hogan looks to speak again when the fans go nuts. Hogan said he loves everyone and said he finally made it. He said sometimes you sit at home and you watch the WWE on TV and start second guessing yourself…what happened, how did it go so fast. Hogan said people sit at home and wonder what would have happened if something went different. The crowd chants “ONE MORE MATCH” at Hogan. He said he knows he made the right decision to step away after seeing the guys earlier tonight. Hogan said he wants to thank Sylvester Stallone for coming out tonight, 23 years later after he abused him. Hogan said Stallone is a survivor and thanks him for not holding a grudge. He said he can’t wait to watch WrestleMania 21 tomorrow. Hogan said he can’t wait to see all the guys in attendance tonight to go in the ring and put all they have in it. The crowd chants “ONE MORE MATCH” yet again. Hogan said two things matter in the wrestling business – the money & the miles and to never say never. He said in the end, after being inducted into the Hall of Fame tonight, Hulkamania will live on forever and adds “whatcha gonna do when the WWE runs wild on you!” Confetti falls in the arena. “Real American” hits as the show goes off the air…