Breaking News: Chyna Arrested

Sean Waltman made a post today on his official message board at claiming that Chyna was arrested on January 1st, 2005 for “domestic battery.”

Waltman claims Laurer struck him several times in the face after returning from a New Years visit to the Playboy mansion. Waltman said the incident happened right in front of his children and she was released today.

Here is the post:

Joanie was arrested on January 1st for domestic battery. She assualted me struck me in the head and face countless times after getting back from the Playboy Mansion. There were several witnesses to her behavior, including Jeff Meecham from The Extreme Mayhem Show, and unfortunately my two children witnessed and heard all of this. She was released today once again having to suffer no consequences for her behavior. She showed no remorse.

We’ll have more details as they become available and we have not confirmed Waltman’s claim.