Cena Posts Even More TLC Updates, Starts Trash-Talking Fans

John Cena

As we noted earlier today, John Cena updated his TLC status for this Sunday on Twitter, claiming that he will be “watching and enjoying TLC,” but would not be wrestling on the show.

Cena has continued posting tweets throughout the day about his TLC status. “On [a] plane headed to [Zack] Ryder country. Long Island tonight and then ordering PPV TLC tomorrow. Will be a bit different watching, but I am excited.”

He posted another tweet shortly after that one revealing that he will not even in be Baltimore on Sunday – the site of the TLC pay-per-view. Instead, Cena wrote a tweet which claims he’ll be in Philadelphia on Sunday, further pushing the storyline which saw him give up his spot on the card so that Zack Ryder could have an opportunity. “I will be in Philly, but I gave my PPV chance to someone who deserves it. I would do it again if I had the chance.”

When the doubters came onto the Twitter scene, Cena resorted to a little name-calling to further deny that he’ll be at the show.

Cena re-tweeted the following message from WWE fan SeriousSam316: “@JohnCena shut up cena, we all know you will be on the ppv in some form or another, you aint fooling the serious one.” Cena’s response? “Wow Mr. Serious…you are about to go from looking serious to looking stupid.”

Cena has since posted multiple tweets addressing his TLC status, battling it out with even more anti-Cena fans. It seems safe to say Cena won’t be wrestling at the final WWE PPV of 2011.

You can follow all the fun on Cena’s official Twitter page @JohnCena.