Impact Wrestling Results (2/23) – Brandon Jacobs Confronts Bully Ray, Sting Addresses “I’m Done” Comments, Announces Victory Road Match

Impact Wrestling Results

By Bill Pritchard for

Febraury 23rd 2012

Bobby Roode comes out and says Sting sent a Twitter message after he beat him down last week that said he is done, and Roode says he quit. He tells the fans they can all say their goodbyes when he gets there later, but he wants to talk about himself and all of his accomplishments. Roode says he became a world champion, but ending Sting's career is the greatest thing he ever did because he's the only one who can lay claim to that. Roode says he wants to be serious and put his bad feelings aside, and he wants Sting to leave and not let the door hit him in the ass on the way out.

We go to footage of Matt Morgan and Crimson from earlier today, and they are arguing over who lost their title match then Crimson says they need to move past that. Morgan says they are the two most dominant wrestlers in TNA, and they need to go out and get their titles back as a team.

World Tag Team Championship

Matt Morgan & Crimson vs Samoa Joe & Magnus (c) 

Crimson throws Magnus outside then Morgan drops Joe with a side slam, then Crimson tags in but Joe throws him in the corner and tags out to Magnus. Crimson makes a comeback with some clotheslines and a spinning backbreaker for a two count, but Crimson misses a spear when Joe pulls Magnus out of the way. They isolate Crimson during the break, but he takes out Joe with a spinebuster and tags Morgan, who slams the champions' heads together. He hits a double clothesline then Crimson gets involved and they all fight before Magnus gets thrown out of the ring. Crimson sets up for a clothesline, but Joe ducks and he hits Morgan instead, then Joe kicks Morgan in the head and Magnus hits an elbow drop to retain.

Winners – Samoa Joe & Magnus