Florida Championship Wrestling

Florida Championship Wrestling TV Results – Feb. 26, 2012

Report by Mark Robinson and F4WOnline.com

FCW Television Report 26th February by Mark Robinson @ MarkShowHost

Short ‘n’ sweet one this week as I’m all sorts of ill.

The three-man power trip of Russo, Saxton and Regal introduced us to the show. We have a MAIN EVENT of Sandow & Steamboat for the Jack 15 Championship tonight.

Match One: ‘Hooooooly hell I thought that was Jeff Hardy’ Corey Graves Vs ‘My Tag Team partner isn’t really Mexican’ C J Parker

It is impossible to take Graves seriously when he tries any form of chain wrestling. But then it’s impossible to take anything seriously that Parker does at all. Regal made a Hanson reference. Graves worked on the shoulder and grounded Parker to the floor. He got the ‘heat’ holding the ropes. Parker went for a backslide but his shoulder was still playing up in a nice bit of story telling. But he managed the ol’ running double knees in to the chest while Graves was held up in the corner. He got a little over zealous and wiped himself out going for a cannonball. Graves applied a very sweet rolling leg lock for the submission.

Winner: Corey Graves

Was time to take a trip backstage with FCW’s resident psychiatrist James Bronson who was doing an analysis on Dean Ambrose. In what would be about the 5th person to claim it in as many weeks, Ambrose is obsessed with being the best in the world. But he is also obsessed with William Regal. YAY. Ambrose claimed Regal couldn’t beat him again in a million years.

Match Two: Seth Rollins and ‘that’ entrance Vs ‘Paul Rudd’s less fortunate looking brother’ Rick Victor

Things started fast as you would imagine. He went for his superkick early but Victor got out of dodge. Rollins took a suplex on the ring mats for his trouble. Victor charged at Rollins and ate ring step. ONE OF YOU SELL DAMMIT. I give Victor a lot of stick (why wouldn’t you) but he doesn’t look as lost in the ring as most of the roster. Rollins hit a glorious enziguri kick and followed up with a superkick reversed into a school boy. Victor charged at Rollins and he sold and then some. Victor took a curb stomp like Chris Brown hopefully will one day and that was that.

Winner: Seth Rollins

In the far distance was a young lady that Regal described as ‘delicious’ in our creepy line of the night.

Ambrose was now analyzing Bronson. Awesome. This was just glorious. Five stars.

Match Three: ‘That little Chinese guy’ Sakamoto Vs Dean Ambrose

Sakamoto had a little more attitude in him this week. Regal was doing the silent treatment during the match. God this Regal/Ambrose feud is brilliant. Regal finally piped up and asked the others if they had ever faced the person that would be their demise. Because that is what he saw at some point in the future. Regal said he couldn’t think of anyone he would prefer it to be. Ambrose hit the knee trembler and Regal stretch for the win.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

There was a very tense stare down between Ambrose and Regal. And then the blonde chick decided to come along and ruin the fun. I swear Naylor seems to shrink by the week.

Match Four: ‘I lift heavy’ Big E Langston Vs Jason Jordan

Langston ran over Jordan. The poor bastard. If you hadn’t noticed this man is very strong. He also has a ridiculous vertical leap. Jordan got his knees up at the last second though. Jordan hit a nice blockbuster type maneuver, but he was eventually finished off by Langston’s finisher of doom.

Winner: Big E Langston

Raquel Diaz and her breasts and her belt and her tiara said something about twitter and a banner. I was distracted. I’m starting to feel better though.

MAIN EVENT for the Jack 15 Championship: Richie Steamboat© Vs Damien Sandow

Sandow came out and cut a damning promo against Steamboat and I enjoyed every second of it. Thank you. Can we get a sodding belt for this championship now please?


Right, I feel up for this now. Things were even early but Steamboat did get his deep armdrags in. I spent a good potion of the first five minutes working over Sandow’s arm. Steamboat got in a high ax handle for a two count.


Steamboat was back on the left arm of Sandow. Damien used desperate means to get himself out of the predicament. Sandow teased a cartwheel… ooo the fiend. The armpad came off and he started clobbering Steamboat, as well as grinding his face against the ringsteps. I think the FCW universe died at somepoint. Steamboat hit an ugly looking suplex. We got a bunch of pinfalls and Sandow started to get frustrated. Four minutes to go and we’re still even Stevens. Two minutes and still nada. Sandow got Steamboat tangled up and hit a nice variation of a side slam. He followed up with a Northern lights suplex but still only two. The pace quickened and even the referee couldn’t keep up. Sandow hit his finisher but Steamboat kicked out. Steamboat managed to hit his superkick but the time ran out.

Steamboat 0 – 0 Sandow

Winner and still Jack 15 Champion: Richie Steamboat

And the ring announcer buggered up that call as well.

Closing Comments: The Ambrose/Regal feud keeps simmering along and it’s fantastic.