Impact Wrestling Results (3/1) – Group Shows Frustration with Sting, Big Six Man Tag Main Event

Impact Wrestling Results

By Bill Pritchard for

March 1st 2012

Kurt Angle is shown talking about attacking Jeff Hardy, and he says he has cue cards and he'll go tell everyone why he did it. He goes out to the ring and says Hardy has alot of hair and dyes it different colors, but it doesn't make him a champion. Kurt says he doesn't like Hardy because he paints his face and wears socks on his arms, and Hardy also shows up late to autograph signings. He says he hates Hardy because the girls love him, and Kurt has hundreds of shirts and action figures, but his own son has Hardy stuff in his room. Kurt says his son dresses like Hardy, and he is a great Olympian but Hardy is his son's hero and he has one solution. Kurt calls Hardy to the ring and says Hardy thinks he is cool, but he isn't a champion and he says they should face each other at Victory Road. He says he will destroy Hardy and asks what he thinks, but Hardy smacks the cue cards out of his hands and beats the hell out of Kurt. Agents run out to break it up, and Hardy takes a mic and said he speaks for the creatures, and Kurt is on for Victory Road. 

Bobby Roode is shown backstage talking about how Sting was wrong for attacking him, and he is stealing spots away from more deserving men. Austin Aries walks over and he says he wrote what he thought about it on Twitter, but it didn't go over so well and they agree that they are tired of being mistreated. Roode says they are both respected champions and asks for a few minutes of Aries' time, then Aries says he can have ten and they walk away.

Gauntlet Match

AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

AJ dives over the ropes onto Kaz and Daniels, then chops Daniels in the corner and counters a hiptoss with a clothesline. He follows with a suplex and backbreaker, then lifts him back up and hits a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall. AJ stomps Daniels then hits a dropkick after we get back from a break, then AJ rolls outside and argues with Kaz until Daniels hits him from behind. Daniels rolls him in and hits a backdrop, then throws an elbow after a corner whip and puts AJ in a front facelock. AJ counters out of the hold with a Pele kick, then hits a few spin kicks and a springboard forearm shot. He hits a fireman's carry backbreaker for another near fall then goes for Styles Clash, but Daniels counters out of it and catches him with a leg sweep. Kaz runs in the ring and nails AJ with Fade To Black, and Daniels yells at him for the disqualification but he covers AJ to take the second fall. 

Winner – Kazarian