Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus Speaks On WMania, Snooki, Tough Enough, More

The following are highlights from an interview with former WWE Diva Trish Stratus.

Trish on working on Tough Enough: It was the perfect role for me actually. At that point I had been retired for a couple of years and I got the call that I would be with Steve(Austin), Bill(DeMott) and Booker and to me it was a great opportunity for me to take my experiences that I gained as a performer and bring it to these news kids that were super passionate about what they are going to do. I kinda said to them that I am going to bring some Yoga to this, if you are cool with that, as I knew for me personally especially later on in my career, it was something that made me a better performer both physically and mentally.

Trish on last year’s WrestleMania and MTV star Snooki: It was an awesome moment for me was watching 68,000 people boo my babyface partner Snooki, but we has a trick up our sleeves knowing that at the precise moment that she would pull this crazy backflip out, cause when we initially got together I asked can you do anything athletic and she told me about her background about how she was a cheerleader and a gymnast and I was like thats perfect. We talked about it and worked on that move and she was like what else can I do and I was like, No No No this is all you will need to do at the precise moment. It was kinda cool to hear 68,000 people go boo and then oh wow that was cool, we will cheer you now. It was a memorable moment that changed the match up for sure.

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