WWE Smackdown Results (3/16) – Injured Star Returns, Two New Participants For GM Tag Match, Sheamus vs Jericho

WWE Smackdown Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

March 16th 2012

Christian makes his return to host the Peep Show, and he starts things out by talking about the 12 man tag match at Wrestlemania. He says it will change the landscape of the WWE, then he introduces John Laurinaitis and David Otunga. John welcomes Christian back and says it's a honor, then Christian says the next guest has no honor, and he introduces Teddy Long. Christian says one of them will have complete control of both shows, then he says he should let them both convince him to join their team. Teddy starts to talk, but Christian says everyone knows he deserves one more match for the title, and Teddy says he already got what he deserved. He tells Christian he has accomplished a lot, but he won't beg him to join his team, and people will earn a title shot after his team wins. 

John cuts him off and says Christian will get a title shot after they win, and Christian says he won't fail when that happens, but Teddy just failed. He says tonight will be known as the moment when the scales tipped in John's favor, because Christian is officially joining Team Laurinaitis. John holds up a Christian t-shirt and celebrates, but Teddy stops him and says he is glad Christian is back because he is going to be in a match tonight. John says Christian isn't medically cleared so it won't happen, and Teddy says if that is the case then Otunga will face the newest member of his team, Kofi Kingston!

David Otunga vs Kofi Kingston

We join the match after a commercial and Otunga hits a shoulder block, and Kofi comes back with a crossbody block but Otunga knocks him back down. Otunga puts him in a front facelock and punches him in the chest, then he stops and flexes before whipping him off the ropes and hitting a powerslam. He backs up and clotheslines Kofi in the corner then whips him again, but Kofi gets a boot up and hits a flying crossbody for two. Kofi dropkicks him and goes for a Boom Drop but Christian grabs his foot and Otunga clubs him from behind while the ref tosses Christian from ringside. John argues with Teddy at ringside, and the ref tells them to separate while Otunga takes off his belt and wraps it around his hand. Santino jumps on the apron to stop him, and Otunga knocks him off the apron but he turns around and Kofi connects with Trouble In Paradise for the win.  

Winner – Kofi Kingston