Complete “Once In A Lifetime: Rock vs Cena” Recap (3/26)

“Once In A Lifetime: Rock vs Cena” Coverage

By Bill Pritchard for

March 26th 2012

The special starts off with a voice over talking about Rock and Cena, and how they will go to Wrestlemania in their prime. We go to November 2011 in New York, and the Rock talks about how hectic his life can be and we see clips of his travels. Rock is featured on The Tonight Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and other talk shows, and we get a some praises from a few of his costars. After this, we jump to this past March 6th, and John Cena is making an appearance at Kowloon restaurant in Massachusetts. Cena also gets a highlight video of all of his appearances on TV, then they show a bunch of his merchandise. He is also shown at a few sporting events like the Fiesta Bowl and a Nascar race at Pocono, then the segment closes with a shot of Cena and a bunch of fans.

The next segment starts with a quote by E.E. Cummings, then Cena’s mother talks about advice she gave her son at a young age. Clips of Cena’s childhood are shown, then we see him playing with his brothers as a kid. His brothers talk about how they wrestled in their yard and made homemade titles, then we jump to Cena going to California and becoming a body builder. Cena talks about his dog tags and shows his family member’s names on them, then Big Show says he is the same guy on and off screen.

We switch gears a bit, and the Rock’s ‘Journey 2’ costars are shown looking at his baby pictures and talk about how he was born to be a star. A clip of Rock is shown imitating Hulk Hogan and having a living room wrestling match, then his parents talk about how excited he was meeting WWE Superstars as a child. After this, they talk about living in Hawaii and being evicted from their home as the catalyst that made Rock get in shape and try to make a better life. They show highlights of him working out and playing football, then they show him signing his letter of intent to play at the University of Miami and his recruiter making a toast. (Cont’d…)