WWE House Show Results (5/11): Glens Falls, NY

WWE RawThanks to Matthew Zagorski for sending this in:

Brodus Clay defeated JTG. Not exactly the best match of the night.  Both guys seemed very uneasy and the match came across as very rehearsed.  Afterward the match, Brodus, Hornswaggle, Naomi, and Cameron invited some kids in to the ring to dance.

Zack Ryder defeated Dean Ambrose.  The crowd had no idea who Ambrose was and was behind Ryder the whole time.  After the match, Ziggler came out with Mason Ryan and attacked Ryder.  Then he told Justin Roberts to introduce him as "The next WWE Champion" and "the show-stopper."

Layla retained the Diva's Championship against Beth Phoenix.  Possibly the best match I've ever seen involving Layla.  Both worked the crowd great, Beth plays a great classic heel.  At one point Beth lost her headband, Layla put it on and starting mocking Phoenix with her own poses.

Santino retained the United States Championship against Jack Swagger.  Perfect example of how they're wasting their talent.  Not only was this a great match that showed off what these two can do, they both worked the crowd really well.  Swagger had his typical goofy cockiness that got everyone going and Santino brought it back by getting laughs.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth retained the Tag Team Championships against Primo and Epico.  The match began with Kofi mocking Rosa Mendes by dancing.  Primo and Epico were declared the new champions when the ref didn't see Truth's foot on the rope, but another ref came out and ordered the match to continue.  Truth got the pin less than a minute later.

Lord Tensai defeated Tyson Kidd.  The crowd wasn't sure how to react when Kidd came out, but once Tensai's music hit, Kidd was the clear favorite.  Tyson held his own, but in the end Tensai got the best of him.

John Cena defeated the Miz.  Miz came out and worked the crowd as usual.  After getting the "Yes!" chant he went on about how he was Daniel Bryan's mentor and he made him who he is.  Cena came out and the crowd went nuts.  One of the longest matches of the night, decent amount of back and forth, but ultimately Cena came out on top.

CM Punk defeated Dolph Ziggler (with Mason Ryan) to retain the WWE championship.  This was advertised for months as a 2-out-of-3 falls match, but was only a single fall.  Before the match, Ziggler attacked Roberts for not announcing him the way he wanted.  This was exactly the type of match you’d expect from these guys.  Very long, but still entertaining.  The crowd was mostly behind Punk, but there were a few Ziggler fans.  Once the ref was knocked out, Mason got involved, but he was taken out soon too and then Punk hit the GTS for the win.  After the match, Punk celebrated with the fans and got on the mic to tell us all how great of a crowd we were and that he was glad it was a sold out show.

Biggest Pops:

CM Punk

John Cena

Zack Ryder

Biggest Heat:

The Miz

Dolph Ziggler

Lord Tensai