Booker T

Booker T’s Wife Says Nitro Girls Concept Could Work In WWE

In the interview Sharmell talks about the WCW Nitro Girls – a group she danced with for years on TNT during the Monday Night Wars with WWE.

“We had to be on point and perfect every night because we knew the whole world was going to see it. And every week we had a different [live] audience, so we never knew what to expect. All of that just added to the excitement of performing on Nitro. The electricity from the fans, the desire to be perfect … that’s what made the Nitro Girls so memorable.”

“I really think we were ground-breaking, especially in sports-entertainment.We had calendars, magazines and videos of our own. We really made an impact. There are a number of talented Divas competing today, but I really feel that a group like the Nitro Girls could bring an extra level of excitement to WWE.”

To read the rest of the interview, which includes comments about the Nitro Girls recruiting Stacy Keibler who has gone on to be a major name in pop culture, click here.

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