Cena’s Wife’s Attorney Speaks Out, Says Pre-Nup Will Be Argued

John CenaRaymond Rafool, the attorney for Liz Huberdeau, John Cena's wife, had the following to say to Lawyers.com concerning the divorce proceedings between his client and Cena:

"In this case, it appears the preliminary issues will be the interpretation of the prenuptial agreement, the application to the parties’ property, assets and income, whether the agreement itself is enforceable or not, which we always consider, and in the mean time addressing the temporary needs of our client in conjunction with and in spite of certain terms of the premarital agreement…

The issue is one, the interpretation of the prenuptial agreement — what are the terms meant to provide or protect? Two, did they cover all the necessary waivers?” he says.  In other words, prenuptial agreements are interpreted literally, so if they don’t expressly state what the terms are, regular equable distribution laws will apply. “Three, was it voluntarily entered into or under duress? Is it fair and reasonable? In addition to that, there are temporary support and attorney issues."

You can read more from Huberdeau's lawyer by clicking on the above link.