Why Talents Fear Ryback, Vince’s JR Mocking Blasted Again

Jim RossWhy Talent Fears Ryback

As we reported on Wednesday, Ryback's prolonged squashing of local talent is partly due to contracted WWE stars not wanting to work with him as they fear possible injury. The feeling is that Ryback's inexperience, intensity and sloppiness could lead to serious injury.

Despite the fear in the locker room, Vince McMahon remains Ryback's biggest supporter and is said to be very pleased with how the character is progressing on TV. Vince, as well as WWE officials, are of course not happy with the Goldberg chants that Ryback's matches are met with, and they have instructed the production team to do its best to edit out the crowd chants during tapings.

Vince's JR Mocking Blasted Again

Former WWE creative team member Seth Mates has joined Mark Madden in speaking out against Vince McMahon impersonating Jim Ross on Raw this week, as he posted the following on Twitter:

"WWE touts anti-bullying, yet babyface Vince mocks @JRsBBQ's medical condition? It's one thing for heels to be bullies and then get what they have coming. It's another for faces to make bullying look cool and fun."