Report: Dolph Ziggler Furious With Sin Cara After MITB PPV

Sin CaraAccording to a new report published by, Money in the Bank winner Dolph Ziggler was said to be furious with Sin Cara following the Ladder Match at the Money in the Bank PPV this past Sunday night.

Ziggler was said to have been very vocal backstage following the bout, complaining to officials that Cara worked stiffly during the match and failed to protect him during a high risk maneuver off the top rope known as The Spanish Fly.

The report goes on to further note that Ziggler plans to file a formal complaint over the spot so that officials can determine whether or not Sin Cara should face punishment.

It should be noted that Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer came to the defense of Cara, and has been quoted as saying the following:

Ziggler slipped halfway through the move when Sin Cara's back was already bent far enough he could do nothing but fall. It's only Sin Cara's fault if he had ESP and would have known Ziggler was about to slip.