2 Former Names NOT at Raw, Mixed Tag Set For Boiling Point

Ring of Honor2 Former Names Not at Raw

Both Alundra Blayze, aka Madusa, and Shane "Hurricane" Helms have noted via Twitter and Facebook that they will not be in St. Louis for tonight's 1,000th Raw episode.

Mixed Tag Set For Boiling Point

Ring of Honor has issued the following press release:

Mixed Tag Match Set For Boiling Point 2012!!!

The Queen of Wrestling is back…

As seen this weekend on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV (http://www.rohwrestling.com/tv/watch-now), the “Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey made her return to ROH after the conclusion of the Eddie Edwards/Adam Cole vs. Mike Bennett/Brutal Bob contest. Cole picked up the victory for his team after nailing a flying top rope cross body on Bob after Eddie & Bennett ended up out on the floor.

Following the bell Maria slapped Cole, then Evans attacked him from behind to put the TV Champion down. Bob restrained Cole while Maria took off her boot and smacked Adam across the head with it. As she wound up to hit him again, “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey hit the ring to stop it and attempted to put an ankle lock on the self-proclaimed “First Lady of Wrestling”.

Bennett and Evans pulled Maria out of the ring, saving her from the wrath of Del Rey, but it looks like she won't be safe for very long as ROH officials have signed an Intergender Tag Match for August 11th when we debut in Providence, RI! It will be “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett & “The First Lady of Wrestling” Maria Kanellis vs. “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards & “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey!!!

“Me and Sara have a lot of history between us.” said Eddie Edwards via e-mail, “From our days together in Sweet & Sour to the battles between The Wolves and Kings, whether we've been on the same side of a fight or opposite, one thing Sara has always had is my respect. There is not a tougher woman in wrestling, hell I'd say there probably aren't any tougher men, and I'd be honored to have her as my partner against Bennett and Maria. I don't think there is any way you two can get prepared for this, see Sara is a wrestler, a world-class athlete, and will stand toe-to-toe with any man or woman you put in front of her. She earned her nickname the hard way and fights every day of her life inside that ring. I'd suggest the two of you spend the next few weeks training as hard as possible because you're going to need it.”

It's “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett & “The First Lady of Wrestling” Maria Kanellis vs. “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards & “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey and it all goes down on August 11th in Providence, RI! You can get your tickets right here (http://www.rohwrestling.com/product/providence-ri-august-11th) for “Boiling Point 2012” or if you can' t be there in-person than don't you worry, don't you fret because you can still order it LIVE on iPPV on ROHWrestling.com.