WWE RAW Results (8/13) – Summerslam Heats Up, Piper’s Pit Returns, Cena/Punk At Odds, Brock Attacks HBK


By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

August 13th 2012

CM Punk vs Big Show

Punk runs towards Show and gets punched in the back, then Punk backs him in the corner and kicks him in the stomach. Show headbutts him and knocks him down, then he punches him in the stomach and chokes him on the middle rope. Punk gets to his feet and tries to punch Show again, but Show hits a shoulder tackle and steps on Punk's head. Show picks him up and chops him near the ropes, then he grabs Punk by the face to pick him up but Punk staggers him with a dropkick. Show bodyslams him and taunts the crowd, then Punk comes back with a few clotheslines but Show shifts his weight and stops an Irish whip attempt. Punk hits a corner knee strike and goes for a bulldog, but Show shoves him back and spears him as Daniel Bryan comes out to the arena.

Bryan screams at Jerry Lawler about being in the WWE Championship match at Summerslam, then Show hits a sidewalk slam and heads to the top rope. Punk kicks his legs to knock him down, then he hits a springboard elbow smash for a two count but Bryan runs in the ring and punches Punk to cause a disqualification. Bryan puts Punk in the NO! Lock but Show elbows him in the back, then John Cena runs out and punches Show before clotheslining him out of the ring. Bryan runs at him and he gets backdropped out to the floor, then Cena psyches up the crowd as a visibly pissed Punk stands up. AJ Lee skips to the ring and says Bryan is still dealing with his issues, and he may have ruined this match but he'll make up for it. AJ announces Bryan will team with Show, and Punk will team with Cena, then she leaves as Punk continues to argue with Cena.

Winner (by disqualification) – CM Punk

JTG is complaining to Kaitlyn about not being on RAW, and he says it's crazy because the show is now three hours long. AJ walks by and asks what he said, and she tells him she will find him an opponent so he should head to the ring. Kaitlyn says she knows they had their differences, and she could think of alot to say about her but unstable doesn't come to mind.