Former WWE Star Says Match With McMahon Was Most Rehearsed Match In His Career

Tuesday 3-5pm EST "Wrestling Reality 1 on 1 with Justin LaBar" presented by Tailgaters bar and grill on TribLIVE Radio in Pittsburgh…..

– Former WWE star, one legged phenomenon Zach Gowen joined the show. Gowen talked about being signed to WWE when he was 19, his immaturity in WWE's locker room getting him fired, working with Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan and turning his life around which led to a return to wrestling.

On his match with Vince McMahon on pay-per-view:

“They flew me in, like a week or two before, to the headquarters in New York and they have a ring set up there. This match was the most scripted match I'd ever been apart of in my life. Literally, we went over it, step by step by step in the ring multiple times. They even flew me out a day early, to Denver, where the pay-per-view was and set up a ring in a small college arena. They had me and Vince go over it with the agents, over and over and over.”

On busting open Vince McMahon by dropkicking him with a steel chair:

“I did bust him open and that wasn't planned before hand. I got kinda scared at that point. He's the boss, he's Vince McMahon, and blood is shooting out of his head. I'm thinking my career is over but I guess after the match he loved it, he thought it added to the match.”

Zach Gowen's oppoenent on internet pay-per-view this Sunday afternoon at Prime Wrestling's Wrestlelution 5, Gregory Iron, called in. Iron and Gowen went back and forth. Both men are handicapped. Gowen, fighting with one leg and Iron suffering from cerebral palsy. Gowen talked about not liking Iron, and Greg being endorsed by CM Punk along with much more. The two will be apart of a huge event that can be seen all over the world for $14.99 with unlimited replays on internet pay-per-view.

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The opening of the show features full reaction to Monday Night Raw and can be seen below: