Impact Wrestling Results (8/16) – New KO Debut, Aces and Eights Attacks ‘Unlikely’ Wrestler, Roode Quits?

Impact Wrestling Results

By Bill Pritchard for

August 16th 2012

Austin Aries starts things off by coming to the ring and saying he's had to listen to Bobby Roode call him a fluke, but he proved everyone wrong on Sunday. Aries says anyone who doubted him is wrong, because this is his company now and no one's going to push him around. He says he is sending a message to Aces and Eights, and he tells them he won't let them hold the show hostage, because there's alot at stake now. Aries says they have been around the title lately, and they are screwing up the Bound For Glory tournament, which is nearing it's end. Aries says he will go in to Bound For Glory with his title and leave champion, then Jeff Hardy comes out to meet him in the ring.

Hardy says he doesn't know what's going on lately, but he has been chasing the title for the past year and he congratulates Aries on his reign. Hardy says he is going to win the tournament and they will tear things up, but Aces and Eights cost him twenty points on Sunday so he is daring them to come to the ring. Bully Ray heads out instead, and he tells Hardy he is stupid because he already told them that James Storm is behind Aces and Eights. Bully says Jeff has to know what's going on, and he says the Aces didn't touch him during the match because Storm got up and superkick him. He says the Aces helped Storm again in the match, and Bully got lucky by putting Hardy through a table, but he still got the points. Bully says lucky or not, he is winning the title at Bound For Glory, but Aries says there's a problem with that plan and that problem is him.

Aries says he thinks Bully could be behind the Aces, and he says he hasn't lost in a long time and he doesn't see anyone being able to beat him. Aces and Eights interrupt them on the big screen, and the leader says Bully got lucky on Sunday, because sometimes you win big or sometimes you get the dead man's hand. He says there won't be any questions after the show, because they will make their presence felt in a big way tonight. Bully screams at Aries and Hardy and tells them to pay attention, and he says it's obvious what's going on as we go to a commercial break.