WWE RAW Results (8/20) – Y2J/Ziggler Rematch Raises The Stakes, CM Punk Names His Next Contender With Terms

WWE RAW Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

August 20th 2012

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out to the ring together, and Heyman says he knows how they all feel because last night was uncomfortable. Heyman says he sat at the broadcast table eleven years ago and watched HHH tear his quadriceps, but he continued to fight. He says nothing could stop HHH, but Brock did last night and he forced him to quit last night. Heyman says HHH quit on his family and his company, and he quit on the fans, but no one should feel sorry for him. Heyman says HHH picked the fight and he told the referee to let them go, so he wants to call referee Scott Armstrong to the ring right now.

Armstrong makes his way out and is hesitant to get in the ring, but Heyman says he is in no harm and he just wants to clear things up. Heyman clarifies that HHH instructed Armstrong to let the fight continue, no matter what the result, so Brock has two words he would like to say to him. Brock pats him on the shoulder and says "good job," then Heyman says Brock ended HHH's career and changed the face of the WWE. Heyman calls Brock the new "King of Kings" and the "Conqueror of the WWE Universe," so that means the fans are all now the loyal subjects of his client.

R-Truth, Kofi Kingston & Sin Cara & Prime Time Players & Cody Rhodes

Darren puts Kofi in a waistlock and backs him in the corner, then the ref breaks it up and Kofi applies a headlock of his own. Darren sends him into the ropes and Kofi leapfrogs him and elbows him for a near fall, then Truth and Kofi hit a double team hiptoss. Cara climbs the turnbuckles and tries to leap on Darren on the floor, then Darren runs away as Kofi and Truth dropkick Titus through the ropes. We get back after a break and Truth comes in off of a tag, and he punches Darren a few times and hits an axe kick for a near fall. Darren elbows Truth and makes a tag, and Cody hits a front suplex and taunts the crowd before Titus comes in. (Cont'd…)