WWE Smackdown Results (8/24) – Dolph Considers Cashing In, Tag Team Turmoil, Orton/ADR To Determine #1 Contender

WWE Smackdown Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

August 24th 2012

Randy Orton comes out and says he's never been a "glass half-full" guy, but he'd like to smash the glass and beat up the guy who said that. He says Alberto Del Rio told him to mind his own business, and his win was tainted on Monday, but Orton thinks that's too bad. Orton says he deserves a title shot, and he's been listening to people on social media, so the people that disagree should come confront him. Sheamus makes his way to the ring and he tells Orton he's not going to disagree, but Alberto already blew his chance time and time again. Sheamus says they both fairly beat Alberto this week, and he not only thinks Orton deserves a title shot, he wants it to happen.

Booker T interrupts them and says he wants to see it happen like the crowd does, and Orton has the credentials, but they need to talk about Monday night's incident. Alberto interrupts them and says the title is not for Orton, because it is his, and he tells Booker that Sheamus is a criminal and Orton is an animal. He asks Booker if that's the type of people who he wants as a champion, and everyone knows he should be champion now but Sheamus cheated and he got robbed. Alberto says the only reason Orton won on Monday was because Sheamus cheated again, then he yells at Booker and says he doesn't know anything.

Alberto says not only did Sheamus steal his car, but he stole his title at Summerslam too, then Sheamus tells him to calm down but Alberto keeps going. Alberto says he already filed a complaint but this is a conspiracy, and he says Booker is like Sheamus in that he's a criminal and a cheater. He says they are all against him and Booker tells him to let him speak, and he tells Orton he is always in line for a title match but Alberto is in front of him. Booker says that was true until Alberto came out and ran his mouth, but he changed his mind and Alberto will face Orton for the title shot tonight!