Former WWE Talent Bashes TNA, Sunny Heading To Dr. Phil?

DanielsFormer Star Bashes TNA

Former WWE superstar Carlito took to Twitter Thursday while watching Impact Wrestling.

Carlito tweeted: "This TNA Xdivision should be eliminated! Nobody wants to see entertaining lil athletic wrestlers that can actually wrestle anymore!" he wrote. "We should start a petition to get rob terry a mega push! All he needs is another layer of fake tanner & 20 oz more of baby oil! C'mon TNA!"

Carlito was rumored to potentially join TNA when his No-Compete Clause expired with the WWE, but has not signed a deal.

Sunny Deciding To Appear On Television Show

After multiple arrests this past week, Sunny posted on Facebook that Dr. Phil has approached her to be on his show to talk about her recent struggles. "The Dr. Phil show contacted me today to go on and tell my story. Hmm… decisions, decisions.