Tara’s ‘Hollywood Boyfriend’ Jessie Godderz Talks To ESPN About Wrestling, His Persona & More

Jessie Godderz, also known as 'Mr. Pec-tacular' and now Tara's 'Hollywood Boyfriend', recently sat down with ESPN Playbook's Lynn Hoppes to talk about his wrestling career, appearance on Big Brother and more. Below are some excerpts from the article:

A cocky body builder becomes a cocky TV character and now is a cocky wrestler. Sounds like typecasting to me!

"I've worked my tail off! It didn't come to me overnight. You have to pay your dues in the weight room to look like this. To be this cocky character, you have to play it up even more than I really am. It's me but to the 10th degree. Look at what I've accomplished. Believe the hype. It's not bogus."

All this began on "Big Brother." What was that like?

"Honestly, being from Iowa and the youngest pro body builder, I couldn't even get a free membership to a gym there. I had to relocate to the land of opportunity in California. That's when I started doing photo work and fitness modeling. The thing about California is that everyone has those physical attributes. It's all about the personality that can separate you. In casting, it's all about standing out."

You can read the entire article as this link.