Another Aces & Eights Member Revealed?, Latest Edition of “Superstar Toyz” with Lawler

Another Aces & Eights Member Revealed?

Several readers have sent in word that a new picture has surfaced online, potentially revealing Garett Bischoff as one of the members of Aces & Eights. The photo shows that both Bischoff and one of the masked men have the same tattoo on their left wrist.

It should be noted, however, that TNA has been using placeholder talents under the masks to play Aces & Eights members for quite some time now, so there's no guarantee that Bischoff will be revealed as an actual member as he might just be playing the part for now. You can view the Bischoff photo by clicking on the above link.

Latest Edition of "Superstar Toyz" with Lawler

The following video is the latest edition of WWE "Superstar Toyz" with Jerry Lawler: