JR Offers His 2012 Slammy Picks: Breakout Star, Superstar of the Year, Match of the Year

Jim RossJim Ross has posted the following Slammy picks over at JRsBarBQ.com:

Superstar of the Year: No brainer…WWE Champion @CMPunk. Need I explain? Let us count the days.

Breakout Star of the Year: @Ryback22…making an impact and has reached PPV, main event status. Hopefully, for Ryback his best is yet to come.

Comeback of the Year: How can one have a bigger comeback than returning to life after being clinically dead for approximately 15 minutes? @JerryLawler wins hands down.

Most Shocking Moment Of The Year: King's heart attack aside…I can't think of one moment that jumps out at me but the return of @HeymanHustle has to be a consideration. @TheShield impacting @WWE would be another. It's a wide open category. What whacky incident won this Slammy last year?

Match of the Year: Match of the Year….I'm admittedly biased…WrestleMania 28…Hell in a Cell..Undertaker vs. HHH with @ShawnMichaels as special referee. I was surprised to get the call to assist in calling the bout and it was a career highlight for me. There likely won't be any thing like that specific moment featuring three, iconic legends and HOF level talents in one match on that stage again in my career ever again. It was one of the most dramatically physical bouts I've seen in WWE in years and was the best match on the premier, WWE PPV from where I was sitting. Again, remember, I'm biased but that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.