WWE RAW Results (12/24) – Santa Gets Attacked, Lumber ‘Jack Frost’ Match, Alberto vs Cena Holiday Street Fight

WWE RAW Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

December 24th 2012

Santa Claus is introduced by Justin Roberts, and he comes out to a nice pop and starts handing presents out to the fans. He makes his way to the left side of the crowd, then Alberto Del Rio makes his entrance and accidentally takes Santa out with his car. Santa falls into a tree and Alberto looks horrified, then he gets out of the car and watches as EMT's tend to Santa. Alberto and Ricardo back away as the fans start a 'you killed Santa' chant, then Santa gives the fans a thumbs up as they wheel him out of the arena.

We get back from a break to see the area being called a crime scene, then Booker T rallies the locker room and tries to comfort them. Alberto Del Rio walks over and gets screamed at by everyone, and they blame him for the accident, which he tries to deny. Alberto says Santa was standing where he drives his cars, then Booker says Santa wanted to see Alberto in a fight. He says Alberto will face John Cena in a street fight, then everyone starts a Santa chant and Cena says he'll do it for Saint Nick.

Cody Rhodes vs Kane

Kane press slams Cody and throws him in the corner, then he hiptosses him and slams him into the turnbuckles. Cody comes back with a dropkick and takes the top turnbuckle pad off, then the ref catches him so he kicks Kane in the corner. Kane comes back with some right hands and a big boot, then he clotheslines Cody and drops him with a sidewalk slam for a two count. He heads up top and connects with a clothesline, then he calls for a chokeslam but Cody blocks it and hits a Disaster Kick. Cody takes another turnbuckle pad off, but Kane shoves him into it and chokeslams him for the win.

Winner – Kane