12/26 Smackdown Holiday Tour Results – Chicago, IL

The following results were sent in by Wrestlezone reader Joshua Lopez:

I was in attendance for the live WWE SmackDown Holiday Tour House Show. The Allstate Arena was pretty pack for most part of the building as usual fashion Chicago crowds were on it tonight and Matt Striker acknowledge on numerous of times of how good of a crowd we are when it comes to WWE. I didn't hear any boring chants or cynical. There a lot of comedy in this show there were alot of kids at the show tonight and it fun experience even for House Show Chicago's proves that we are the best fans in the WWE Universe.

The Results:

First Segment:

Matt Striker welcomes the Chicago crowd to WWE SmackDown and insures us that we have stacked card for tonight show.

He said we have two special attractions matches, two championship matches, a battle royal, and steel cage match for the main event with The Big Show and Sheamus.

First Match: 9 Man Battle Royal to determine who fights Kofi Kingston tonight for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Alberto Del Rio defeated 3MB, Primo and Epico, Michael McGillicutty, Ted DiBiase, Fandango, and International Airstrike.

This match was good the match was mostly dominated with 3MB playing the numbers game with all of the competitors. The finish came when 3MB were attacking Alberto Del Rio.  Alberto Del Rio eliminated Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal in quick fashion. Heath Slater tried to hit Del Rio from the back they exchange blows on the apron and Del Rio eliminates Slater with the high kick. Good entertaining opener.

Second Match: Diva's Holiday Tag Match

Layla and Alicia Fox defeated Tamina Snuka and Aksana

Pretty decent Diva's tag match it lasted around 10 minuets. There was alot of aggression between all four girls. Tamina and Aksana try to get pops from the Chicago but it didn't work. Layla wins with the Laykick on Aksana and pins her for the victory.

Backstage Segment:

Wade Barrett announced to the Chicago Crowd he as well will be apart of the Intercontinental Championship Match.

He said that he has two Bull Hammers ready to be dish out to both Kofi Kingston and Alberto Del Rio.

Later for tonight a Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship

Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Wade Barrett vs. Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez

Third Match:

Alex Riley defeated Michael McGillicutty

It was really nice to see these guys fight. I don't know if it just me but Alex Riley is really over with the Chicago Crowd. He gets on the biggest pop out of everybody on the roster when WWE comes to Chicago. This was a solid wrestling match that came to finish with Alex Riley hitting the Final Score on Michael McGillicutty.

Fourth Match:

Fandango defeated Ted DiBiase

A big part of the match was focused on DiBiase mocking Fandango dancing style and parts of the match well for me it seem like DiBiase was doing the Gangnam Style.

Fandango won after knocking DiBiase off the top of the apron and hitting an inverted DDT.

Fifth Match:

Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd defeated 3MB w/Drew McIntyre standing in ringside.

We got alot of the same style of match between these guys u see on WWE Main Event and on RAW but nonetheless I like the match. There was a big pop for Tyson Kidd when he applied the Sharpshooter to Jinder Mahal. Kidd pins Mahal after connecting on a high slam off the top rope. There was alot of Wendy's Chants toward Heath Slater. There was even a Borat chant directed towards Jinder Mahal. I pulled something really cool in this match I pulled the "Heath Slater I Hate You" Chant made by Frank the WWE Clown who by the was in attendance tonight. I said the line as loud I can and Matt Striker and Heath Slater turn around to see who said that and everybody in my section were laughing alot from me saying that line.

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