VIDEO: Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron Make Handicapped Girl’s Dream To Be A Valet Come True

On a recent episode of Prime Wrestling television on Sports Time Ohio and DirecTV—a handicapped girl got her dream to come true of being a professional wrestling valet.

Zach Gowen and Gregory Iron are tag team partners and both have handicaps.

Gowen is a former WWE star who wrestles with one leg. Iron has cerebral palsy and is best known for being an independent start who CM Punk surprised at a show, came to the ring and told him he was "f***ing awesome."

These two made Jill Dials dream come true on a recent television epsidoe. Dials is a fan of Prime Wrestling and also is confined to a wheel chair because she was born with Spina Bifida.

Gowen and Iron wanted to show Dials that like them, no matter what, her dream could come true as well.