1/30 WWE NXT Results – Michael McGillicuty & Bo Dallas in Tag Team Action, Mason Ryan Returns & Tournament Continues


Jan. 30, 2013

Results by Mike Killam for Wrestlezone.com.

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Tony Dawson welcomes us to WWE NXT from Full Sail University, as William Regal joins him on commentary. We are in the midst of a tournament to crown the first ever WWE NXT Tag Team champions, and we kick things off tonight with some in-ring action!

(1) 1st Round Tournament Match

Alex Riley & Derrick Bateman vs. Kassius Ohno & Leo Kruger

The heels work over Bateman for the majority of this match, picking apart the injured knee that put him on the shelf for almost five months. Ohno is spending his time on the apron, staring down William Regal; the two of them have exchanged words on commentary in recent weeks. Bateman rolls up Ohno out of nowhere, but Kassius kicks out before 3. Hot tag made to Alex Riley, who explodes out of the corner and takes down Ohno with a huge spinebuster. Flying forearm connects in the corner, as Bateman and Leo Kruger brawl to the outside. Riley is distracted by the fight on the floor, and Ohno rolls him up and locks in what I believe is the Hangman’s Clutch. Riley submits, and the heels move on in this tournament.

Winners: Kassius Ohno & Leo Kruger

After the match, Cory Graves hits the ring and takes out Alex Riley. Graves was not allowed to compete in this tournament, on the grounds that not a single NXT Superstar wanted to be his partner.

(2) Sakamoto vs. Mason Ryan

Sakamoto has a very brief flurry of offense, but gets caught coming off the second rope and brought down hard with a backbreaker. Ryan locks in a nerve hold with relative eave, as the commentary team puts over his Welsh heritage. The Jackhammer puts away Sakamoto in under 3 minutes.

Winner: Mason Ryan

Xavier Woods is interviewed backstage, who has a bunch of classic stuff from the 90′s that he says his parents were going to get rid of. He busts out a Discman, and gets a page on his beeper. It’s revealed that he’ll face off against El Local next week on NXT. 

(3) Aksana vs. Paige

Aksana controls the early-going of the match, choking Paige in the ring ropes and utilizing the full 5-count on several occasions. Aksana tries to put her opponent away with an interesting modified stretch, but the ref breaks it off. Paige knocks Aksana off the top rope and applies a pretty viscous submission for the win; somewhere between a Cloverleaf and the Liontamer.

Winner: Paige

After the match, Paige accidentally bumps into ring announcer, Summer Rae, during her celebration. Rae acts like it’s no big deal, but takes out Paige when her back is turned. She leaves through the side entrance as Paige looks pissed off and confused at the attack.

Backstage Sasha Banks talks about her excitement over winning her first NXT match, and getting a chance in the WWE. She gets a letter from a “secret admirer” and walks off.

(4) 1st Round Tournament Match

Michael McGillicutty & Bo Dallas vs. Epico & Primo (w/ Rosa)

Looks like Epico has grown out his hair and let down the cornrows, so it’s a bit easier to tell the two apart now. Bo Dallas actually controls a lot of the match early on, working over Epico until he tags out to Primo. McGillicutty in, and he backs Primo into the corner and fires away with several knife-edge chops. Dallas tags in and they hit a sweet knee lift and clothesline combo. McChicken tags back in, as does Epico, but the faces get another hi-lo combo to take down the Colon.

After a commercial break, McGillicutty gets dropkicked off the apron, sent crashing into the barricade. Epico rolls him back in and springboards in with a senton splash. The heels finally get some momentum, and keep McChicken isolated in their corner with all sorts of rest holds and quick tags. Bo Dallas inevitably gets the hot tag and plants Primo with a Spike Dudley style bulldog from the 2nd rope. Epico distracts him, and Primo takes advantage landing an absolutely sick DDT! Somehow Bo Dallas kicks out and gets the powerslam out of nowhere for the 3-count.

Winners: Michael McGillicutty & Bo Dallas