Chair Shot Reality

Chair Shot Reality Moves To Multi-Million Dollar Studios; Former WWE Announcer Working With Show

On February 8th, part 1 of episode 163 will air. It will be the first of new programming being produced from the Multi-Million dollar television studios at Point Park University. In addition to the upgraded facilities, the on-air and behind the scenes staff will see expansion that will ultimately better the quality of the program.


CSR is working directly with Point Park University, the broadcasting curriculum and its students, to work together in producing the show while helping teach the students who are on the path for a B.A. degree in broadcasting.

The show will continue to be distributed in the same format with four parts in an episode on weekends that have no WWE pay-per-view and a new part aired each day from Friday-Monday on

CSR will see changes in the on-air format of the show. Executive Producer and Co-host Justin LaBar described the changes as being “centered around a more unpredictable open debate conversation versus a news feel where you’re staring into the camera talking.”

“CSR is my baby. I’ve tried to grow it as much as possible since the summer of 2009. It got to a point where I was happy to see my schedule in wrestling each week was filling up quick and I was getting to stopping the show. I felt between more on my plate and we had hit a peak within our resources. Deep down I didn’t want to stop the show as I saw greater potential in my head, it was just a matter of if I could get the resources to make that happen. I’m happy to say that we have a whole new situation with new possibilities and to top it off it is taking place at my Alma mater,” LaBar said.

There will be expansion to the on-air cast of Chair Shot Reality. LaBar will remain the lead Co-host and his long time colleague Josh Isenberg, also a Point Park University graduate, will remain involved with the show as well in an on-air capacity.

Joining the team as a weekly regular will be Brian Gulish. Gulish will be a new face to wrestling fans but no stranger to the television/video world. Gulish previously worked with ESPN as well as with many local media outlets. Gulish, another Point Park graduate, brings a fresh face and jolt of energy to a growing production. Some background on Gulish’s wrestling taste:

Favorite ALL TIME Wrestler: Sting (prefers bleach blonde version)

Favorite ALL TIME Tag Team: Road Warriors

Favorite ALL TIME Heel: Rick Rude

For more on Gulish, you can follow him on Twitter @BrianGulish.

Also joining the show will be a frequently occupied guest spot on the weekly panel. CSR is proud to announce that one of the main guests who will be featured regularly on the show in the new era is former WWE announcer Jack Korpela.

Korpela worked with WWE on-air from 2007-2012. For many of those years, Korpela was the face you saw in the WWE studio hosting the pay-per-view pre-show and hosted many WWE On Demand segments. With his catchphrase of “Jack’s Got Your Back,” we saw Korpela in a backstage announcing role on WWE Smackdown while doing play by play commentary for WWE Superstars.

For more information on Korpela, you can follow him on Twitter @JackKorpela.

CSR is looking forward to working with Korpela and the concept of a guest spot which will add something new to the weekly panel each week.

Wrestlezone and Chair Shot Reality thanks everyone for their support of to this point. The loyal following watching and commenting on the show each week is a big part of the show growing.

A new era for Chair Shot Reality debuts on Friday, February 8th and can only be seen on We hope you enjoy it!