Who Was The Wrestler Mentioned During Elimination Chamber PPV By Hollywood Star?

Prime Wrestling sent out the following release:

Last night on the WWE's "Elimination Chamber" Pay-Per-View, Adrianne Palicki, star of the upcoming G.I. Joe movie alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, made mention of the fact she had a cousin who wrestles in Ohio as Benjamin Boone. But who exactly is Benjamin Boone?

Benjamin Boone originated his career in PRIME Wrestling based in northeast Ohio, making his debut in 2007. After a year in relative obscurity cutting his teeth, Boone was discovered by veteran Michigan-era grappler "Amazing" N8 Mattson, who took the young Boone under his wing and convinced him to re-locate from his native Ohio to the Motor City to form a dastardly duo known as The Sons of Michigan. Together, the duo rose to the top of PRIME Wrestling, combining Mattson's cunning skill and devious mind along with Boone's raw power and ferocity. Boone was dubbed "Big Bear" for that reason, and it helped propel him to a stretch of nearly two years of being unpinned in PRIME Wrestling. His success continued into the tag ranks, where he & N8 reigned as PRIME Tag Team Champions for eight months in 2011. Boone has continued to be a formidable force inside PRIME rings, most recently feuding with wrestling's most inspirational tag team, "One Legged Wonder" Zach Gowen & the world's only wrestler with cerebral palsy "Handicapped Hero" Gregory Iron. Boone can still be seen on PRIME Wrestling TV, airing every Sunday night at 10PM EST on SportsTime Ohio (available regionally on cable & satellite and nationally via satellite premium sports packages), in syndication on select AMG-TV affiliates, and every Tuesday on www.YouTube.com/PRIMEwrestlingTV.

Here is a special match-up featuring Boone vs. "Handicapped Hero" Gregory Iron from a recent episode of PRIME TV. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZhfZe2gApk

Catch Boone in action on internet-Pay-Per-View from this past Saturday night as part of PRIME Wrestling's Pressure Rising: Megalomania – http://www.gfl.tv/Events/Fight/Wrestling/Prime_Wrestling_Pressure_Rising_2013_Megalomania/1778


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