Wrestlemania I-XV Now Available On DVD Format

WWEStarting this week, WWE Wrestlemanias I-XV are now exclusively available as single disc DVDs in Walmart stores. The DVDs are also available for sale on online retailer sites, such as Amazon.com, so the Walmart exclusivity may only apply to physical in-store purchases.

These past Wrestlemanias were previously available as part of WWE's anthology set, released in four volumes in 2005. As for WWE's plans for any other Wrestlemania rereleases, Amazon has new listings for Wrestlemania 23 and 25, set to come out on March 26th. 

For those wondering, there have been several edits made to the I-XV DVDs, which you can read about here, on WWEDVDNews.com. WWE previously had to blur out and cut footage from the Anthology set due to the ongoing agreement with the World Wildlife Fund.