WrestleMania 29

Complete WWE WrestleMania 29 Press Conference Coverage From This Afternoon

Michael Cole welcomed everyone to the kickoff of Wrestlemania weekend. He noted that Sean Combs and Living Colour will be playing.

Michael Cole also noted that Mike Tyson, Charlie Sheen, Jimmy Fallon and Snooki would also be at Wrestlemania and would be “involved in this event.”

They announced at the end of the conference, they will have the WWE talents on top of the Radio City marquee for a group photo op.

Fandango’s music began to play and he came out dancing with a hot blonde before walking through the press corp. Fandango came on stage and continued his dance routine. Cole handed him a mic. Fandango introduced himself and danced off.

Michael Cole quipped that he would be competing in his first match at Wrestlemania.

Cole introduced John Saboor, WWE’s Senior Vice President of Special Events. Saboor said that the entire WWE family is excited over being in the Northeast region for their biggest event of the year. He thanked everyone for their help in organizing the Wrestlemania events, specifically the local governments, NYC & Co, Madison Square Garden and the New York Giants and Jets organizations. He asked everyone to give the local organizing committee a round of applause.

Saboor said 125,000 people will take part over the course of Wrestlemania week and promoted AXXESS, saying it has something for everyone in the family. He talked about the Hall of Fame and Monday’s Raw, where the road to Wrestlemania 30 will begin.

Saboor noted that over the last five years, Wrestlemania has created $300 million in local income through local tourism business, creation of jobs and more. They want to leave more for the community than they take out.

Saboor introduced Vince McMahon.

McMahon said this is a dream come true for himself and his family. He said that at the first Wrestlemania, they coined the phrase sports-entertainment because they had the world’s greatest athletes and entertainers under one roof. He said that Wrestlemania is a hybrid of sports and entertainment under one roof and that nothing can compare to the thrill ride that “you will take watching Wrestlemania on PPV”.