King Mo Wrestling Debut On Hold, CM Punk At MLB Game?

King Mo's Impact Debut On Hold

Spike TV President Kevin Kay recently told that King Mo, Muhammed Lawal, would not join Impact Wrestling this summer like expected, and would instead continue with Bellator and delay his wrestling debut:

Kay: He’s going to come back and fight in the Summer Series, so we can’t wait to get him back in the cage. I think people will be really interested to see what he does different this time. I’m excited. I love Mo. I think he’s everything you want in a mixed martial artist, right? Because he’s incredibly gifted as an athlete, he’s very versatile and he’s got a great personality. So, you know, nothing changes. I’m now curious to see what he does, as I think the fans are. How’s he going to adjust his game plan and is he going to be able to win a tournament and win a championship in Bellator?

The only thing it changes a little bit is that we thought there would be more time. If Mo had won the tournament, then he would have not had to fight this summer, probably would have gone to TNA for the summer and then come back in the fall to fight in Bellator again. But because we want to get him back in the cage and give him as fast a shot as possible to get back up and running and hopefully win, we’re going to get him back on this summer. So, he won’t go as quickly back to Impact as we originally had planned, but that’s all good.

CM Punk At MLB Game

WWE Superstar CM Punk tweeted the following picture, which is a shot of the infield of Turner Field, home to the Atlanta Braves. Punk didn't actually say he was in attendance, but the photo, in addition to his girlfriend, former WWE Diva Lita, tweeting "What a day for a day game @Braves!" seems to confirm it. You can view the Tweet below: