Gawker Refusing to Remove Hogan Sex Tape Post, The Rock Reveals His “Pain & Gain” Diet

The RockGawker Refusing to Remove Hogan Sex Tape Post

Despite a Florida state court order to forcing Gawker to remove the Hulk Hogan sex tape clip, the website is refusing to remove a narrative that went along with the clip. The clip has been taken down by Gawker, however they issued a statement claiming "the Constitution does unambiguously accord us the right to publish true things about public figures," and as of now the site intends to leave the narrative up on the site.

The Rock Reveals His "Pain & Gain" Diet

USA Today recently caught up with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and he revealed the following about the diet plan he used to bulk up for his role in "Pain & Gain:"

Meal one: ten-ounce beef fillet, two cups of oatmeal, two-egg omelet.

Meal two: eight ounces of cod, twelve ounces of sweet potatoes, one cup of steamed vegetables (onions, peppers, mushrooms).

Meal three: eight ounces of chicken, two cups of white rice, one cup of vegetables.

Meal four: eight more ounces of cod, two cups of rice, one cup of vegetables.

Meal five: eight ounces of steak, twelve ounces of baked potato fries, a salad.

Meal six: ten ounces of cod, two more cups of rice, another salad.

Meal seven: thirty grams of casein protein powder, ten-egg-white omelet, one cup of vegetables, one tablespoon of Omega-3 fish oil.

Johnson added, "There's a right way and a wrong way to bulk up for a film. The wrong way is to eat as much garbage as you can for weeks on end, which actors have the tendency of doing. It's unhealthy and puts an incredible amount of stress on your body, joints, tendons and digestive system. The right way is to bulk up with good complex carbs and protein/fat sources."