*Spoilers:* 4 Weeks Worth of WWE NXT Taping Results; Cena, Sandow, Langston, Cesaro All Appear

WWE NXTResults courtesy of PWInsider.com:

Episode 1:

– Daimen Sandow vs Baron Corbin

Sandow won with a straight-jacket side effect.

Backstage segment with Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas talking about their match tonight.

– Paige vs Bailey

Paige won with Page Turner.

Summer jumped Paige after the match.

Big E Langston was interviewed in the back. Sandow interrupted him to issue a formal challenge. Big E tricked him into a match problem ending with Sandow repeating 5 until Langston himself did as well.

– Briley Pierce vs Sakamoto

No Contest. Conor O'Brian ran down right after the start and destroyed them both.

– Camacho vs Kassius Ohno

Ohno won with his submission.

During the match, Ohno wrestled in the role of the face in peril and after the match, on the stage, he cut a promo apologizing to William Regal. He said that the past few months have all been like a blur, to the point where he doesn't even know who he is anymore. The Wyatt Family came out and Wyatt laid him out with the Sister Abigail on the stage.

NXT Tag Team Championship

– Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas vs The Wyatt Family

The Wyatt Family won the Tag Team Championship when Harper his a rolling lariat on Dallas. Dallas was pushed into Neville, knocking him off the apron. This allowed Rowan to hit a big boot and tag in Harper for the finish.