Bob Holly Talks CM Punk’s Demeanor, Vince’s “Pet Project”

WrestlingHeels Radio recently interviewed Bob "Hardcore" Holly, who discussed WWE, the Brock Lesnar injury, Triple H and NASCAR. Here are some highlights from the interview:
Fandango and being Vince's pet project: "If you're Vince's pet project, you pretty much – you're a shoe-in there. And all you got to do is just listen to him and do what he asks of you, and you'll have it made because he'll make sure that you get over. He will. Just do what he says. And listen to him. And you will get over. So yeah, if he's got Vince behind him like that, that guy's got it made.
"And another thing I love about what he [Fandango] does too is the way he gets in the ring. After he makes his entrance, watch the way he gets in the ring. He does that. Nobody's ever done it that way. And to me, that's different, and I like that. But yeah if he's Vince's pet project, the guy's got it made. He just has to make sure he listens to him and doesn't get the attitude well, I'm gonna do what I want to do, despite of what he says. Because then that'll be the demise of him. Which hopefully – I think he's smart enough and he knows who to listen to. So I wish the guy all the best. I really do. I really do."
CM Punk's backstage demeanor: "To me, he seemed like he was happy. He really did. it's hard to tell. He wasn't one to complain at all. You'd never hear him complain. So you wouldn't know if something was wrong. I mean, I talked to him. We talked all the time in the locker room, just talking about anything, in general.
"And one thing I will say – and I have a ton of respect for Punk. I really do. And he was always happy for me whenever they would start doing something for me. 'Cause he always said you deserve it, and stuff like that. And he was one of the guys who always told me he was happy for me whenever anything good would come along for me. And that meant a lot to me.
"And I've always had tons of respect for him. And especially after I started working with him because here's a guy that he brings it. He will bring it to you. And I respect that out of him because whatever I did to him, he did back to me. And I really enjoyed that. That's what I like out of guys that'll bring it. And I always enjoyed working with him.
" The first time I worked with him, it was kind of – we had kind of a different style. But after we started working a couple times, I really enjoyed working with the guy. I really, really did. But he was always very kind. Always very kind in the locker room. And anywhere you'd go and talk to him, he was always really, really nice."