Mick Foley Calls Daniel Bryan “Fascinating,” What Would Have Happened if Roof Hadn’t Collapsed During Famous HIAC Match?

During a recent interview with "Back to the Movies" to promote his Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming movie "I Am Santa," Mick Foley spoke on several pro wrestling topics. Highlights are below, and you can contribute to the Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.

What if the roof had not collapsed during his HIAC match against Undertaker?:

"I really thought the cell would slowly tear, so that the Undertaker would be stuffing me down a hole and the image would be of me dangling upside down, being stuffed through a hole, not plummeting into unconsciousness… and the history books."

On Daniel Bryan:

"Daniel Bryan is the most fascinating wrestler/character combo I've seen in a long time."