Bret Hart’s Daughter Eyeing a WWE Career?, Yahoo Posts Story Covering Iron Sheik’s Health Issues

Yahoo Posts Story Covering Iron Sheik's Health Issues has posted an article covering The Iron Sheik's current health issues, and the following is an article excerpt:


"He's in such great pain, almost all the time," Caryl Vaziri said.

The Sheik walks with the aid of a cane, but even with the cane, he moves slowly, unsteadily, and with great difficulty.

"He's such a big, strong guy, and he hurts so much, it hurts me to see him," she said. "He had operations on both of his knees about 10 years ago, and they failed. He hurts everywhere, but the knees are really painful. He told me, 'Caryl, I hurt from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes.' It breaks my heart. He can withstand a lot of pain, but this is too much for him."

His left knee is particularly painful, and gruesome looking. A bone protrudes out. The bones, Caryl Vaziri said, are out of alignment and "don't come together." It makes it torture to walk."

Bret Hart's Daughter Eyeing a WWE Career?

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart's daughter Alexandra has posted the following on Twitter: