Former WWE/TNA Star Talks Recent Release, Making a Vince McMahon Character Work, Time Spent w/ CM Punk & More

Drew Hankinson, former WWE and TNA Superstar, recently spoke with Wrestlezone's own Justin LaBar on a multitude of topics, including his various characters over the years – Festus, Luke Gallows, D.O.C. and more! 

He also echoed earlier reports, re-stating that he was not fired in the recent TNA locker room and office clean-out. "We could not come to an agreement, but I have no ill will towards TNA or any of the people in the office." 

Hankinson talked about his early days in WWE, and making the bizarre Festus character work for him. 

“It was different. That was a Vince McMahon idea and I wanted to please everybody there and do it to the best of my ability. It was funny because it was almost like you had to do the opposite. I was down in developmental working on being in shape, working on promos and working on the best in-ring worker I can be. Now all of the sudden you have this mentally challenged character who isn't suppose to wrestle like everyone else, not supposed to be in good shape like everyone else. He's not supposed to be pleasing to the eye.”

The former WWE Supstar is probably best known by Luke Gallows, enforcer to the Straight Edge Society, and then-world champion CM Punk. Hankinson talks in depth about how Punk found him, along with the Undertaker, in Justin LaBar's complete Bleacher Report article, which you can view here [link]