Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner Shoots on TNA, Hogan & Bischoff, Why Booker T & Kevin Nash Didn’t Re-Sign with TNA & More (Video Included)

It’s well known that before the return of the Main Event Mafia in 2013, the company was looking to bring back the faction several years ago to boost the ratings. However, talks fell through when both Kevin Nash and Booker T made surprise returns to the WWE. 

“They wanted to bring back something that drew the ratings, so they contacted me, Kevin and Booker again. And they offered us shitty contracts, you know? They actually said to my guy, ‘well we’ll give you this contract and see if you can get over.’ They said that to me and Kevin … it kind of pissed me off, but it was like, I’ll prove myself again. But what happened is it pissed off Kevin and Booker, and they told them to f**k off, and they went off and did the Royal Rumble. That kind of pissed of the people at Spike TV – if you remember, they promoted us coming back for a good two months.” 

Scott Steiner has well-documented issues with Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan, and spoke on what started to cause those problems. 

“I really started to find out what pieces of s**t Bischoff and Hogan really were. They were pissing me off because they were doing it to my friends. Guys they were trying to build TNA with – Roode, AJ and especially Kurt Angle. They went into the media markets, on radio and were burying them. It makes no sense, but if you’ve been around it before you realize what’s going on.” 

The former “Big Poppa Pump” gave two big examples of why the TNA ratings are bad, and why Hogan and Bischoff are responsible for the company’s downfall, in his opinion. 

[TNA] is definitely in jeopardy. It’s losing money and it’s ratings are bad. How can you not look at [Hogan and Bischoff] – they haven’t performed. Everybody has got to perform. How come they’re not accountable for the s**t they’re putting on TV? Him pushing his son? Hogan pushing his ***** **** worthless daughter who can’t sing or dance. It’s embarrassing man … [TNA] is losing money because they gotta pay their contracts. No way would that work in a normal business setting. They’ve been there for almost three years, and they haven’t done anything to spike the ratings. In a normal business setting, if you don’t perform you lose your job.” 

Check out the full video below. Caution, the video contains a lot of adult language from Steiner, and is definitely not safe for work.