Steve Austin on WWE Tough Enough; How They Can Successfully Make Movies, Trailer for New Triple H DVD

"Thy Kingdom Come" Trailer

The following is the official WWE trailer for the upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray release, "Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come". This 3-disc set will be available on September 24th. 

Steve Austin on WWE Studios

WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin told Variety that he was very frustrated with the WWE's decision to not bring Tough Enough back for a second season. 

"It was a great show. The numbers were very good. We had a great time doing it. Why they didn’t bring it back still baffles me to this day because I loved doing that show. It was a great way to be in the business I know and love without having to be in the ring taking lumps."

The Texas Rattlesnake covered a few more topics in his Variety interview, including how WWE can be making money off their ventures in the film industry, the Steve Austin Show podcast series and more.