CSR Schedule: CM Punk Endorsed Wrestler Guest Co-Hosts, AJ Styles To WWE?

CHAIR SHOT REALITY filmed at Latitude 40 in Latitude Live — presented Sorgatron Media

This week episode 191 will feature Justin LaBar, Brian Gulish and independent professional wrestling star Gregory Iron

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FRIDAY: Segment 1—Analyzing Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton/Triple H stroyline

SATURDAY: Segment 2—State of CM Punk's career

SATURDAY: Segment 3—Fandango, The Miz, Wade Barrett or Sin Cara…who should be worried?

SUNDAY: Segment 4—Did WWE handle Darren Young situation the best way possible?

SUNDAY: Segment 5—RVD new WHC challenger

MONDAY: Segment 6—Gregory Iron goes in-depth on money on the independent wrestling level

Justin LaBar in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: AJ Styles to WWE? Is WWE setting up for a Shane McMahon appearance?