Ziggler Teases He’s “In Trouble” for Recent Interview, Dana White Responds to “Slavery” Charge

Dana White Responds to Ortiz's "Slavery" Charge

As we reported yesterday, both Tito Ortiz and Quinton Jackson had negative things to say about UFC and its President, Dana White. Ortiz went as far as to say, "Um, I thought slavery was over a long time ago," when asked what it was like to work for White. "It's one of those things where you can't trust a word the man says. And when you can't do that, how can you work for him."

Dana White has fired back at Ortiz's accusations by saying the following on Jim Rome's radio show:

"The guy's a moron," White told Rome. "To say he was a slave, does he even know what the word slave means? He's one of the stupidest human beings you will ever meet… Now, he's just showing what a two-faced lying sack he is."

Ziggler Teases He's "In Trouble" for Recent Interview

We reported yesterday that WWE star Dolph Ziggler did an in-character interview for DC101 to hype this weekend's WWE Live Event at The Verizon Center, and during the interview he had harsh words for Triple H and WWE's backing of Randy Orton as a top guy in the company.

Ziggler has posted the following on Twitter, teasing that he is "in trouble" for the comments he made during the interview:

"sites carrying the interview that got me in trouble, at least plug the shows its for BOSTON-SAT DC-SUN @WWE LATER MARKS"