Hulk Hogan Not Happy With TNA, Contract Set To Expire Soon

hulk hoganHulk Hogan was said to be unhappy with TNA recently, reports PWInsider, specifically over the company's handling of Brooke Hogan's departure. Hogan feels TNA should have informed him first and allowed him to handle it, but they chose to release her without giving him prior notice.

It's also being said that communication between Dixie Carter and Hogan might have broken down around this time. The recent Impact taping in Cincinnati was reportedly the first time in a while that Hogan, Carter and Eric Bischoff were in the same place together.

Several sources have confirmed with PWInsider that Hogan's contract with TNA expires on October 1st. There's been no indication so far whether they'll come to a new agreement or part ways at that time, but we'll be sure to keep you updated as soon as new information becomes available.