What Happened After WWE Raw Went Off The Air, Punk and Miz Reportedly Hurt

CM PunkThanks to Thomas E. for the following notes:

After the show goes off the air CM Punk comes out and addresses the crowd. He cuts a promo saying he wants a fight. This brings out Ryback, Curtis Axel, and Paul Heyman. Jerry lawler gives him a kendo stick, as he fights with the heels for a while. He gets a chair and ends the show with chair shots to Ryback and Axel.

A fan throws him a blackhawks Toews Jersey punk wears it and the crowd goes crazy then he cuts another promo thanking the fans.

Injuries At WWE Raw Last Night

WWE's website is reporting that both CM Punk andn The Miz were injured at WWE Raw last night in Chicago.

The website is saying that The Miz suffered some bruising around the jawbone but no other major damage after taking the knockout punch from Big Show.

Dr. Chris Amann then reported that Punk suffered multiple bruises and scrapes on his back after going through the table at the hands of Ryback. Amann also said that Punk was advised to get X-rays and more treatment but he refused.