Former WWE & TNA Stars Get Married, Goldust Speaks on Winning Tag Titles; Getting Sober & Working w/ Cody Rhodes

goldustFormer WWE-TNA Stars Married

Former WWE and TNA wrestler Orlando Jordan got married this weekend in Australia, where he resides. Former TNA tag team wrestler Jesse Neal also tied the knot with female wrestler Brittney Savage. 

Goldust on Rhodes Tag Team

WWE Tag Team Champion Dustin "Goldust" Runnels spoke with The Charleston Post & Courier about his career, the start of the Goldust character, leaving WWF with his father Dusty Rhodes, working with Cody Rhodes and a lot more. He also speaks candidly about drug abuse, and his path to getting clean and staying sober. 

“I didn't see what it had done to me or what it was doing to my family and everybody around me. And what it was doing to my career and especially my health. “I was trying and trying and re-medicating myself. It just didn't happen. Enough was enough, and about 3 or 4 in the morning I crawled out in the rain and my wife was with me. I was like, 'I give up,' and I got on the phone and told Dad I wanted to go to the WWE rehab center.”

Dustin also mentioned past drama he's had with his father over the years, which has been public knowledge. 

“Back then it was just stupidity. It was drugs, it was alcohol. I will never let that happen again. And for any child out there, brother or sister, get over it. Your parents are going to be your parents forever, and you only have one mom and one dad. Just make your amends and move on and be happy that they're alive. Just love them. Don't worry about the disagreements. It's great to have my dad back.”