Many Fans Upset Over Top Stars’ Absence From Overseas Events, Several Indy Stars Receive WWE Tryout

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Many unhappy fan reports have been surfacing online this week over WWE's top stars not appearing on certain live events overseas. Due to simultaneous shows taking place on the same night, there are many stars being advertised that do not end up appearing. 

Luke, a WrestleZone reader that attended WWE's recent event in Birminham, England, sent the following report: 

"You could feel the disappointment in the LG Arena last night. Boos were very loud when Justin Roberts announced the end of the show, and people realised they where in fact not going to see a large amount of the top stars on the roster.

WWE should not run two live events in one night. Germany seemed to get all of the top stars. Myself, and many others, didn't feel Randy Orton, The Big Show, The Shield & The Rhodes brothers were enough to cover the following stars who where in Munich doing a live event:

1.John Cena 

2.C.M Punk

3.Daniel Bryan 


5.The Wyatt Family

6.Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman 

7.Alberto Del Rio

8.AJ Lee 

Such glaring omissions and left a large amount of the audience very unhappy!

Indy Stars Get WWE Tryout

Several students from former WCW star Alex Wright's promotion, New European Championship Wrestling, recently received a WWE tryout. Adrian Severe, The Arabian Star and V.I.P. all worked WWE's live event in Munich this week.