More 2013 WWE Slammy Awards News, Photo of Vince & Strahan at Raw, Name the Bryan and Punk Tag Team

More 2013 WWE Slammy Award News

As we noted last night, WWE fans will be able to vote for the 2013 WWE Slammy Awards winners, which will be announced on the December 9th edition of Raw. is asking fans to post who they think should be nominated for Slammy Awards by using the hashtag #Slammy on Facebook and Twitter. In addition to the Slammys given out on Raw on 12/9, there will also be more Slammy awards given in a special Slammy Awards show.

Photo of Vince & Strahan at Raw

The following photo has been posted on Instagram:

Name the Bryan and Punk Tag Team has posted a new poll asking fans which is the better name for the Daniel Bryan and CM Punk tag team, with the two options being "The Beard and The Best" and "Team GOAT (Greatest of All Teams)." There is a third "Other" option, which then allows fans to provide their own team name. Currently, with 63% of the vote, "The Beard and The Best" is leading.