John Cena’s Brand Generates $100 Million Per Year For WWE, Brie Bella Reacts to Daniel Bryan Being Abducted by Wyatts

John Cena's Brand Generates $100 Million Per Year For WWE

john cenaJohn Cena appeared on Neil Cavuto's morning show on FOX Business today, and discussed a number of topics including his new clothing line, and the value of the John Cena brand. The following are interview quotes:

On his new K-Mart clothing line for kids:


"Essentially, the message of the clothing is to empower you through a positive messageI think that's why we were able to leverage our brand (WWE), my brand especially with Kmart, because it wasn't just a typical sponsor deal. A lot of athletes get a sponsorship – 'here's your upfront money, we're going to use your likeness.' I wanted to hold on to my asset, do it correctly, and create an inspirational line. So, it's not a 'wrestling-driven' line. The line is called 'Never Give Up,' and truly my character on WWE plays one of aspiration, inspiration, and motivation. I try to defy all odds and do what I can to do the right thing."

"Kmart picked up on this concept. And, from a branding standpoint, I just didn't outright leverage myself; I wanted a piece and equity in the brand. So, there was upfront money, plus equity in the brand."

Cena added that his character generates approximately $100 million in revenue for WWE per year.

Brie Bella Reacts to Daniel Bryan Being Abducted by Wyatts

WWE has posted the following Tout video, featuring Brie Bella reacting to Daniel Bryan being abducted by The Wyatt Family: