Earnings Information for 2013 WWE Studios Films, WWE Raw Returning to LA, Mysterio Attends Wrestling Tournament

Mysterio Attends Wrestling Tournament

wwe studiosWWE Superstar Rey Mysterio was in attendance for yesterday's amateur wrestling tournament in Mar Vista High School at Imperial Beach, California. Mysterio was there in support of his nephew, who was competing in his first wrestling tournament.

WWE Raw Returning to LA

WWE will be returning to the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on February 10th for a Raw broadcast. Before that event, WWE will be running shows in Oakland and San Jose on the 7th and 8th.

Earnings Information for 2013 WWE Studios Films

TheNumbers.com is reporting the following earnings data for WWE Studios films in 2013:

-The Call sold 468,917 DVD copies from 6/30 to 8/4 for a gross of $8,513,782. It has also sold 133,371 Blu-ray copies for $3,142,841.

-From 7/14 to 8/4, Dead Man Down sold 188,501 DVD copies for a gross of $3,418,711. It sold 94,805 Blu-ray copies for $1,824,178.

-12 Rounds 2 has made $1,504,252 since its release in June on DVD and Blu-ray. Total breakdown was $919,421 for DVDs and $584,831 for Blu-ray.

-The Marine 3 has made $3,301,185 since March. Breakdown is $2,570,365 for DVDs and $730,820 for Blu-ray.